The best user based database for finding police checkpoints.

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What exactly is Checkpoint Wingman?

Checkpoint Wingman allows users to view and upload checkpoint alerts. All checkpoints are upload and shared by users.

Check the map

See all checkpoint in your zip code or anywhere else in the world.

Add checkpoints

Weather you see the checkpoint in the newspaper or hear it on the news, add the checkpoint for others to see.

Share the news

Share a checkpoint and its information with others using Facebook, Twitter, text message, or email.

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Keeping an eye out

See any checkpoint in your city, state, or country with just a few clicks.

World wide operation

View checkpoints all over the world using Google Maps and see where danger is lurking

Sharing is caring

Share any location to your fiends and family via Facebook, Twitter, text message, or email.

All about the details

Time and Date

Each checkpoint has a start time/date, end time/date, and the nearest physical location.

Push notifications

You can be notified when a checkpoint is added within your default zip code.

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But wait, theres more

Upgrade from the lite version to unlock the bells and whistles and eliminate advertising.

Better Pushes

Expand your push notiification radius to either 5, 15, or 25 miles outside your default zip code.

Driving Mode

Get alerts when you come within one mile of a uploaded checkpoint.


What ads?

Get rid of those annoying ads and get on with your business.